Case Management
Every case detail in one place

Get an overview of all case information from a single page. Link every client, contact and document to the appropriate case to make your law practice management tasks flow as smoothly as possible. Work on your cases from any computer with an internet connection. Improve your workflow and minimize the time spent doing menial tasks so you can focus on those that count for your law practice.


Organize Cases in a way that best suits your firm

Your practice is unlike any other. AttorneysBrief case management is the part of the legal practice management solution that tracks the lifecycle of a case or matter through your firm’s operations and workflows, linking every contact, task, invoice, notes, and time entry to the appropriate case. Our case management tools help you communicate, collaborate, and share information with colleagues on each case.

Real-Time Case Tracking

Keep all Counsel in sync from anywhere by maintaining track of every development in case timelines through our state-of-the-art centralized document storage, calendaring, streamlined processes, and status reports.

Course List

Get a quick list of all upcoming court cases. There is no need to check each case record.

Track Changes on Entries

Keep track of all entries, document uploads, document downloads, note changes made by users and when so you can be on top of every detail as it happens

Opened and Closed Cases

With AttorneysBrief, not only can you track the number of cases your firm has opened and closed in a particular month or year giving you a clear view into your firm's output over time, you can also get a historical view of the growth of your caseload over a given period to see how your firm's performance lines up with your business goals.

Access case information anytime, anywhere

Whether in the office or on the road, you can seamlessly manage your cases, access your case details through your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop. No more missing data because its stored in missing emails, folders, and desktops. Stick with us and you will be glad you did. Our matter management tools keep your data at your fingertips.

What a consistent peace of mind!

AttorneysBrief case management system protects sensitive matter data and share details with clients on a need-to-know basis. Store and recall case data when you need it. Maintain compliance without sacrificing accessibility

Automate your case management system and get more done in less time with AttorneysBrief.

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