Law Office Management Tool
Law Office Management Tool

Law Office Management System is a fully integrated system designed specifically for law firms. It satisfies the most sophisticated financial management and data analytics needs of law firms. It incorporates the following features:

Human Resource
Personnel Records

Organize personnel records and manages staff discipline to ensure your employees are resilient and productive.

Make your personnel records automated and easily assessable to you to manage and monitor staff activity.

Staff Discipline

Our discipline management module allows for the automation and collaboration of discipline information and disciplinary processes, by creating disciplinary workflows, actions such as queries, suspensions, terminations, dismissal, etc. to meet your organizations requirements.

Personnel Salary

Management of staff salaries, office expenditures and purchase records. Manages salary approvals, acknowledgments and payments and documents salary payment history.


Tracks and documents how cash is being spent in our office.


Tracks and documents items purchased with detailed information about purchased items.


A Single repository to track all asset inventory with ease - anytime, anywhere.

Monitor assets, get asset data and its history - all in a single view
Stay on top of changes in usage & ownership with activity logs.
Manage and track all your assets in a single view from anywhere, through all phases – be it procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal.

Access Manager

Attorneys Brief provides high level internal security mechanism to restrict visibility of sensitive case/document information to certain users in your firm

Role-based Permission/Transaction Log
Security remains an inevitable concern for law firms. Not only can poor security lead to the violation of the trust of your clients, it also put you at odds with legal regulations. Attorneys Brief provides high level internal security mechanism to restrict visibility of sensitive case/document information to certain users in your firm. You can set permissions to limit access to those authorised.
For your internal security, an audit log is recorded for every single action any user takes in your system. Every file preview, download and change is time-stamped and easily traceable!
You can also create custom password policy for your team to require them to use extra complex passwords and change the passwords after your chosen intervals.

Data Analytics
One constant question for in-house legal departments is "How are we doing?"
Our data analytics helps legal professionals draw insights from large volumes of data to enable them make data-driven decisions on which to build their legal strategies. Our, data analyses model provide visibility and insight, create actionable intelligence and inform better legal decision making.
By data analytics you can sort through massive amounts of information, analyze, interpret data using statistical tools such as graphs, visualizations, charts, tables, etc. for finding correlations, trends, etc. and derive key insights from them.
These insights are enormously valuable for spotting patterns and trends with a view to ultimate decision-making process.

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