Client Portal
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In this era of digital disruption instant access has become expedient especially now Covid 19 pandemic has taken a toll on the economy, with more attorneys working remotely and clients avoiding offices for meetings.

A client portal does add an extra step.

Why Client Portal?
Client Portal Availability - 24/7 access to all client-related information

As long as the client has internet access, they can log into your firm’s client portal and instantly share and review documents as well as send messages, among many other tasks.

Clients can access, review, and provide feedback on any issue related to their case, anywhere and anytime of the day.

Attorney-Client Communication Made Easy and more Secure
  • Taking endless calls from clients, sending and receiving emails and having to respond to every single one, wastes valuable time in the process.
  • Emails flow across the internet completely open. When you use unencrypted email to communicate with clients, it’s no different than leaving your confidential client files unattended on a park bench.
  • The lack of encryption means that anyone interested in viewing the contents of the email and any attachments can easily do so.
  • AttorneysBrief client portal fixes this problem by creating one private location for clients and attorneys to communicate.
Centralized Location

With a centralized location, attorneys no longer have to monitor multiple methods of communication (i.e. email, cell phone, direct line, voicemail). Clients don’t have to guess the best way to contact their attorney when using client portals.

They send their message, and the attorney responds in the same place. No more playing phone tag trying to get ahold of each other.

Document Sharing

With the Client portal you can securely upload and share multiple documents, files and folders with your client.

Emails can sometimes be hacked. Whatever measures put in place to protect your firm’s email accounts, there is no guarantee that your clients are doing the same on their end.

With secure client portals, communications are not only encrypted, but also protected on both ends.

Clients stay informed, and attorneys assured their communications are secure.

Course List

Get a quick list of all upcoming court cases. There is no need to check each case record.

Bill sharing

Securely share invoices with clients easily for payment of bills online

Task sharing

Need a client to review an agreement by a certain deadline? With AttorneysBrief client portal, it becomes easy to assign a task to your client and keep them on track.

Security Permissions

By granting access to the portal, your clients you can select which information, case notes or documentation they can see and allow them to keep up to speed on the progress of their case as it happens.

You can set different security permissions for each staff member. You can allow them to look at specific matter files and publish documents and files. All to enable clients to view them and check the progress of multiple case files.

AttorneysBreif client portal simplifies and streamlines the Attorney-Client collaboration process.

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